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Dave Wilson


In 2011, my two year old son was on the antibiotic merry-go-round for ear infections.  Fortunately, my friend Todd told me about gut bacteria, probiotics and prebiotics.  Unfortunately, I didn’t have a clue what he was talking about!  I barely knew what happened to my food after I ate it.

Melissa Bailey


Suddenly I found myself delving into the fascinating world of microbes, viruses, fungi and the foundations of disease!  I’d always thought that disease was a game of chance but I was quickly learning that I had more power than I’d ever thought - if only I’d support these protective little critters!

The power of these microbes to make us sick or healthy blew me away and prompted me to write about it.

Melissa Bailey has been drawing ever since she could hold a crayon. Largely self-taught, she’s been a freelance artist since 2001 and in the last four years has realized her childhood dream of illustrating children’s books. Broc and Cara’s Picnic Party is the twentieth book she has illustrated. Melissa calls Michigan home, happily surrounded by family, friends, and art supplies.

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